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Bar-sur-Loup Provence France

Trip to L.A.

Another long hiatus, this time due to work.

I was in L.A. for a couple weeks, working on the scripts and recording the voices for Tribes of the East. Once again I enormous fun working with Rob King, who has won awards for both his music and his voice/audio work -- a talented guy. Here are some of the voice actors that we worked with (in no particular order):
April Stewart
Chuck McCann
Wendee Lee
Kirk Thornton
Cornelia O'Herlihy
Dave Wittenberg
Sarah Sido
Steve Blum

I name drop, therefore I am.

While in L.A. I had the good fortune to hook up with Debbie Smith / D. Lyn Smith / etc., a co-conspirator from Clarion. She is on a tear, having been featured in these two very professional anthologies alongside the likes of Ramsey Campbell, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Clive Barker, etc.:
Summer Chillls
Dark Delicacies

Debbie was doing a book signing at the Dark Delicacies bookstore, and I had a the good fortune to meet three other writers also in the anthologies and peruse the retro-mass market weirdness of that great little shop. Along with her husband Paul we went out to dinner than then a Ray Bradbury play called "Green Town" at the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena. Can Ray Bradbury write plays? Ray Bradbury can write anything. The play was warm and funny and fascinating, full of his odd characters and sideways looks at life. It was reminiscent of Dandelion Wine, a book which should be mandatory high school reading alongside Fahrenheit 451.


Hey Jeff: Good to see you made it home okay. It was really great seeing you -- and signing the books! Think about Potlatch in February.

Bar-sur-Loup Provence France

December 2011

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