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Bar-sur-Loup Provence France

Eric Clapton!

Out at lunch with some of the Ubi guys and one of the "Dark Messiah" voice actors (Moon Daly -- remember that name; if you're lucky you'll be seeing more of her) I confessed that seeing "Chushingura" -- the Forty Seven Loyal Samurai -- at the Tokyo kabuki theater was ticking off one of those items from the "Things I'd love to do before I die" list.
Well, I had another one. I saw Eric Clapton, in concert, play "Layla." And not the acoustic sensitive version; the hormonally-challenged-white-boys-adolescent-rock version. This is undoubtedly the song to which I have played more air guitar than any other; perhaps a good 25% of the total air guitar hours that I have clocked in my life. When the amplifier volume is properly set to 11, "Layla" is like an adrenaline shot to my cortex. I blame Tom for this, though he was merely fulfilling the necessary role of an older brother in ensuring that he isn't stuck in a house with a younger sibling listening to something vomit-inducing. Remember that the 70's were a high-risk era for instestinally discomforting tunes -- Bread, Bee Gees, Abba, Saturday Night Fever, and I could go on but I do not have an Air Sickness Bag handy.
It is necessary, absolutely necessary, that you love any rock icon who at Clapton's age still does shows that require three lead guitars. One of which is his. Sure, there were some sensitive quiet numbers as well, and they were great, but still... Layla... live...
That sound you hear behind the three lead guitars screaming notes of tortured love at a volume that removes cobwebs from the corners, that sound is the quiet scratch of me ticking one more off the list...


Bar-sur-Loup Provence France

December 2011

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